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Empresas LK

AAC 360, C.A

Asesoría, Adiestramiento y Construcción [Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry]


Equipos Dinámicos y Estáticos LK, C.A. [Power Generation services]


[Industrial Workshop facilities]

LK Enterprises

[International Operations]

Turboaleaciones S. A. de C. V.

[México and Central America Operations. In partnership with Turbomáquinas S.A. de C.V. (www.turbomaquinas.mx)]

Started in 1.992, with the foundation of AAC 360 C.A. servicing the areas of expertise of the partners, pipeline coatings and gas turbine maintenance.

Since 2001 EDIESCA works power generation industries.

In 2003, LK Enterprises Inc. started operation to cover the Caribbean Market, but Venezuela.

In 2006, TALLINCA is being developed to be a Service Shop to Support our current operation and to undertake turbomachinery maintenance activities.

From 1996 to Dic 2010, we have undertaken the maintenance of aprox. 3.200.000 HP in gas compression equipment, about 1.000 MW in power generation, and inspected at least 3.000 kms of pipelines and 45 storage tanks / vessels.

Mission of Empresas LK
Plan, promote and coordinate actions to ensure that all our developed areas (rotating equipment, corrosion control, controls & automation) be profitable, productive and sustainable, addressed to satisfy our client needs, giving value to its shareholders s well as internal and external clients.

Vision of Empresas LK
In Empresas LK S.A., we work to achieve solid positioning and recognition in our business areas that we are conducting in the national as well as International market supported by our organizational values.

Main Customers

Our Projects

Empresas LK

  • AAC 360, C. A.


  • Turbomachinery Support
  • Reciprocating Equipment Support
  • Pipeline and Tanks inspection and corrosion control
  • Control and Automation
  • Gas and Process Plant Engineering
  • Technical Assistance and Training

Contact Us

  • Tlf. +58 (0281) 275.13.12
  • Fax. +58 (0281) 275.23.52
  • E-mail. info@empresaslk.com

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